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Congratulations on coming to the best online car auction site on the net. It is quick and easy to sign up, after which you can bid for or list as many cars as you want. 

If all you want to do is bid and sell a car, it is absolutely free. All you will have to pay for is the car you buy. It is free to bid, but we do charge $25 listing fee until the car sells. Unlike other auction companies however, we use our own auction system which benefits greatly people selling their cars and people wishing to buy a car. 

If this is the first time you have been to the site, you will need to sign-up. This will mean that in future, you will only have to put in your user name and password to bid for or list a car. If you have already signed up, you can go straight to the auctions (use either the search option to the left or the link at the top), or you can go to your own area to view or change your details.